The Arab and Muslim Worlds Observatory (OMAM) is a transdisciplinary centre for research and study on cross-cutting issues across the Arab and Muslim Worlds. It is part of the Maison des Sciences Humaines at the Université libre de Bruxelles (MSH-ULB).

OMAM is a hosting structure for research and academic training and encourages the dissemination of knowledge on selected topics related to the Arab and Muslim Worlds. In particular, its research projects cover the regions of North Africa, the Sub-Saharan strip, the Middle East (including Turkey and Iran), the Arabian Peninsula, and Central Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan). OMAM supports junior and senior researchers whose projects concern its area of expertise and organises seminars and lectures intended for the academia as well as public conferences.


History, Oriental Languages, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Architecture, Urbanism, Arts and Culture, Information and Communication.