Appel à candidature pour une bourse de post-doctorat (AmericaS - MSH) 2024-2025

Apply for the AmericaS 2024-2025 post-doctoral grant

Description of the host institution :
The Maison des Sciences Humaines of the Université libre de Bruxelles (MSH-ULB) is a structure for hosting and supporting interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences. The MSH-ULB is part of a general dynamic of the university, and more generally of the world of research in Europe, which consists in making researchers from different disciplines work around common research objects so that the knowledge they produce can allow to apprehend these objects in their globality and complexity.

The AmericaS Centre continues to build on the long-standing tradition of Latin American and North American Studies at ULB. As such, the Centre privileges a resolutely cross-disciplinary approach. Its main research orientations are to explore the unifying features binding the diverse constituents of the American continent, starting from the fundamental idea that it has, in fact, always been characterised by a number of “different Americas” that strongly interpenetrate. The AmericaS Centre aims to be not only an exceptional, highly welcoming place of meeting and exchange for any scholar researching the Americas, but also an original hub of expertise advising ULB on its international relations with that particular part of the globe.

Eligibility criteria :

  • One year contract, starting on October 1, 2024, ending on September 30, 2025 (postponing is possible, if asked)
  • Not to be under any contract with ULB, paid or unpaid, whatever the schedule; this condition must be guaranteed for the whole period of the fellowship.
  • To have a PhD (doctoral degree).
  • The PhD degree must have been awarded maximum eight years ago.
  • To meet the “international mobility” requirements, i.e., not to have resided or worked (main occupation, studies,…) in Belgium for more than 24 months during the three years immediately preceding the first postdoctoral stay.

Working conditions :

  • 12-month postdoctoral contract (the person recruited will be a member of the ULB scientific staff).
  • Salary conditions: 2.995,45€ net minimum/month
  • Institutional attachment to the Maison des Sciences Humaines of the ULB
  • Full-time, face-to-face work (a workstation will be made available at the MSH).

Project description :
The main task of the person recruited would be to set up a collective and interdisciplinary research project (i.e. Horizon Europe) about the circulation of reactionary discourses, ideas and practices between Europe and the Americas. Potential applicants are invited to propose their research idea for the fellowship, which should be in line with the research priorities listed below : the analysis of reactionary discourse and its dissemination, the study of the transnationalisation of reactionary movements ('counter-movements') and of meeting places between leaders of the radical and extreme right (think tanks), the role of religious actors in the dissemination of conservative values, the electoral assertiveness of the radical right and the contestation of the rules of the democratic game, questions linked to racism, the perception of natives and foreigners, etc. Diachronic and transdisciplinary perspectives are encouraged.

How to apply :
Please send application before 23 June 2024 (in French or English) to :

Applications should include (in one single PDF document): a full CV (including a list of publications) and the research proposal (max. 1 page).

Candidates will be notified of a decision before 15 July 2024

Find the call in French here

Find the call in English here

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