JUST OUT! "The Chinese Communist Party A 100-Year Trajectory"

"The Chinese Communist Party. A 100-Year Trajectory", edited by J. Doyon & C. Froissart, with a chapter by EASt member Vanessa Frangville on "Unity within Diversity’: The Chinese Communist Party’s Construction of the Chinese Nation"

This volume brings together an international team of prominent scholars from a range of disciplines, with the aim of investigating the many facets of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year trajectory. It combines a level of historical depth mostly found in single-authored monographs with the thematic and disciplinary breadth of an edited volume. This work stands out for its long-term and multiscale approach, offering complex and nuanced insights, eschewing any Party grand narrative, and unravelling underlying trends and logics, composed of adaption but also contradictions, resistance and sometimes setbacks, that may be overlooked when focusing on the short term.

Published by ANU Press, Open access : available to all

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