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Conference « Non-proliferation and changing security policies in East Asia »

 co-organised and hosted by Egmont

Chair: Frederik Ponjaert (ULB-IEE/EASt)


  • Jacek BYLICA (European External Action Service, Special Envoy for Disarmament and Non-proliferation)
  • Shogo Suzuki (Manchester University, MSH visiting professor)
  • Bruno Hellendorf (Egmont/EPC, MSH-EASt associated researcher)

In 2017, the nuclear and ballistic programme of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea reached several milestones, including a sixth nuclear test and the launch of ballistic missiles apparently capable of reaching the continental US. The progresses made by the North Korean regime despite the unprecedented sanctions that were imposed on it by the United Nations Security Council profoundly altered the prospects of a pacified and denuclearized Korean peninsula. Against this background, the Winter Olympics provided a new chance for dialogue to set in. But the extent to which a potential Inter-Korean rapprochement could allow for nonproliferation negotiations to take place is uncertain. What will happen when the Games are officially over and US-South Korean joint military exercises are resumed?  In view of such uncertainty, regional countries like Japan, China, the US or Russia each attempted to contribute their own views on the crisis while adjusting, in different degrees and styles, their defense and security policies. This expert workshop is the opportunity to look at those evolutions, and what the prospects for nonproliferation talks are in the Korean peninsula, after the Games.  

Thursday March 1st from 16pm -18pm

Rue des Petits Carmes 24A
1000 Bruxelles