GENEsYs Final Conference - East Asian Youth in Public Spaces - Day2

To take a step forward in the understanding of the relationship between youth identity construction and public spaces in East Asia, the research project called "GENEsYs" received an ARC advanced grant of €680.000 from the Université libre de Bruxelles in 2016. Several partners from Europe and Asia worked together for five years to reflect on how public spaces shape East Asian youth identities? How youth use these spaces? What the practices and strategies of appropriation are? How youth active presence in public spaces influence the negotiation of beliefs, values and memory in terms of continuity and change, and shape collective identities?

GENEsYs Final Conference "East Asian Youth in Public Spaces" was recorded on May 25-26 on the MSH Youtube Channel.

All videos are available on the MSH YouTube channel (EASt playlist)