Séminaire Genre et religions "The gendered intimate life of Catholic young women"

Le 18/04/2023

avec Eline Huygens, UGent / KULeuven

In this seminar I present the findings of my doctoral study of the intimate lives of young Catholic women active in the Catholic Church in Flanders. Specifically, I examine the intimate relationships they form with their partners and the sexual lives they develop. I argue that these intimate lives may be an appropriate lens through which to explore religiosity, but also to examine how both Catholic and secular expectations and norms are expressed in the intimate lives of these women. The study is situated in the contemporary study of gender and religion, and is theoretically and conceptually interdisciplinary. I examine the ideas, experiences, choices, and practices of these women in their everyday lives, and how they present them in their narratives. Methodologically, the dissertation draws on qualitative research and is supported by a feminist-inspired epistemological approach. I interviewed Catholic women between 25 and 35 years old who are active in the Church. The dissertation shows that these women’s lives are inherently complex and ambivalent, and that norms and expectations regarding intimate relationships and sexuality are constantly negotiated. They are inspired by Catholic teaching, but the role of secular social culture, family, and friends should not be underestimated. In this way, we come to a contextualized understanding of these women’s intimate lives and the choices they make in this regard.

Eline Huygens works as a PhD student and teaching assistant at Ghent University and is also affiliated with KU Leuven as part of a joint PhD. Her work is mainly concerned with religion/secularism, especially in relation with gender, intimate relationships, and sexuality. Her doctoral research explores how religious beliefs and teachings shape the lived experiences and practices of young Roman Catholic women, with particular attention to intimate relationships and sexuality. She is also a book review editor of the journal Religion and Gender.

Mardi 18 avril de 12h00 à 14h00

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