International Workshop "The Philippines as a Transnational Hub"

Du 24/10 au 25/10/2019

Workshop: “The Philippines as a Transnational Hub: Exchanges Between the Philippines and the EU”

The workshop aims to explore the deepening ties between the Philippines and the international community, especially the European Union, and the future of human, cultural, scientific and capital exchanges between both sides. Employing a transnational and multi-disciplinary approach, the workshop will bring together both leading and young scholars and experts on Philippine Studies as well as on Philippine-EU relations.

The workshop is comprised of panels on (1) state policies and international relations; (2) migration and mobility; (3) labour and human development; and (4) (ex)changes in culture, identities and natural science. The panel on migration and mobility will tackle research insights, Filipino diaspora in Europe and will also include a session devoted to an open discussion among Ph.D. students’ research on Philippine-EU relations/Philippine studies and possible networking opportunities.

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Thursday 24 October and Friday 25 october 2019

Oct. 24 Salle Duvigneau (UC2.236) Building U, Solbosch Campus Ave. F. Roosevelt 50 Brussels

Oct. 25 Salle Henri Janne (S15.31) Building S, Solbosch Campus Ave. F. Roosevelt 50 Brussels