Conference « Documenting, Assessing and Reporting the Uyghur Crisis »

Du 09/12 au 11/12/2019

This conference aims to assess the situation a year after the existence and expansion of internment camps in the Uyghur region have been exposed to the world. It seeks to explore some of the most pressing challenges the Uyghur communities in and outside China are facing: an unprecedented level of surveillance and repression; family disintegration and fragmentation; the preservation of Uyghur culture, language and heritage; participation and integration in exile; among other issues.

The conference is also interested in how Uyghur communities across the world, together with academics, journalists and activists, take coordinated actions to address these challenges and collectively develop strategies to pressure the Chinese government to close the camps. We invite contribution from all fields and hope the conference can provide systematic analysis of the current academic research on the Uyghur crisis.

Organizers : Vanessa Frangville (ULB/EASt) and Dilnur Reyhan (ULB/EASt).

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9-11 December 2019 Université libre de Bruxelles (Room TBC)