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Roundtable Discussion « The Resistance: The Anti-Extradition Movement in Hong Kong »

Roundtable Discussion « The Resistance: The Anti-Extradition Movement in Hong Kong »

The political movement of two-million Hong Kong people on another side of the earth is persisting in different forms. The youngsters risk their future career, even their life, to protest against the legislation of the controversial law of extradition which permits transferring Hong Kong citizens to mainland China for trial.

In this roundtable discussion, we hope to shed light on the following questions:
What is the extradition bill about? Why do HK people persist to take to the streets after the suspension of the examination of the law? In what way are the current protests different from the previous mobilization in the history of HK? What would the new protesters influence the identity of HK people, local and Chinese politics? In what way would the movement evolve?

Speakers and Topics:
• Jacky Tai (university lecturer in Hong Kong)
What constitutes the discontent of the younger generation? In what way can the recent protests in Hong Kong shed light on political theory?
• Vanessa Frangville (Université libre de Bruxelles)
What does Hong Kong mean for the 21st-century China?
• Ida Leung (HK student in Belgium)
A witness of the rise of a transformed civil society
• Patrick Poon (PhD candidate at University of Lyon)
What’s next for Hong Kong?
• Catherine So (PhD candidate at KU Leuven)
The next step for Hong Kong protesters

June 27 2019, from 19:30 pm to 22:00 pm

EASt – ULB Centre for East Asian Studies,
Room Errera +1,
Rue royal 10,

The discussion will be mainly in English.

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