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Conference « North Korea and the Escalation of a Global Crisis: any role for the EU? »

organized by EASt, the IEE and GEM

Chair: Prof. Mario TELO (ULB & LUISS)

  • Mr. Willy FAUTRE (Director, Human Rights Without Frontiers)
  • Dr. Zsuzsa Anna FERENCZY (EPP, European Parliament & Human Rights without Frontiers)
  • Mr. Glyn FORD (Founder, Executive Director, POLINT)
  • Dr. Tereza NOVOTNA (FNRS Post-Doctoral Researcher, ULB-REPI & Sr. Associate Research Fellow, EUROPEUM)

 Abstract: 2017 has been a year of an escalating crisis on the Korean peninsula. Since January 2017, North Korea has tested a number of ballistic missiles with an increasing speed and progress, including the sixth nuclear test, complemented with an aggressive rhetoric. On the other hand, the United States and its allies have been tightening up the grip on the DPRK through international sanctions, display of a military might and prospect of a military intervention. At the moment when there are no easy answers at hand, where do we go from here? Are we faced with a potential global conflict or can we stop the crisis from spiraling out of hand? What to do if further sanctions fail in preventing North Korea from advancing its nuclear capabilities and how should Europe (and NATO) react if there is any military action by the United States? Where does South Korea and Japan fit within this picture? Is there any role for the EU in bringing about the end to this crisis?
The experts will discuss what can be done about situation in North Korea from a short- and long-term perspective and will reflect on any potential solutions to the exacerbating global crisis.

The panel will be followed by a reception to mark both the start of the new year and to give our farewells to our colleague Dr. Tereza Novotna who’s stay in Brussels comes to an end as she is set to move to Seoul to continue her work at Seoul National University

Tuesday 10th October 2017, 6 pm – 8 pm

Avenue F. Roosevelt 39
1050 Bruxelles