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Conference « A Manga Introduction to Philosophy for Beginners »

by Masahiro Morioka, Human Sciences, Waseda University

Japan is an exceptional country where even distinguished professors are allowed to read or passionately talk about manga (comics) in a public place. In 2013, I published a book entitled “Manga Introduction to Philosophy” in Japanese, and it was warmly welcomed by Japanese readers. There are a number of manga books that deal with philosophical subjects and/or the history of philosophy, but this book is completely different. In this book, the author, me, a philosopher, talks about his own ideas on hard problems in contemporary philosophy such as time, existence, solipsism, and meaning of life, in the form of manga, and in addition, all the original drawings were prepared by the author (the final drawings were made by a professional cartoonist). In my talk, I am going to show you some manga drawings picked out from that book, with an English translation, and have a discussion about the possibility of using manga/cartoon as a medium to convey philosophical ideas to ordinary citizens and younger generations.

Friday 23th March at 3 – 5 pm

Room AY.2.108
ULB – Campus du Solbosch
Bâtiment A – Porte Y – 2e niveau – Salle AY.2.108
Avenue F. Roosevelt 50
1050 Bruxelles

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