Tomáš Glanc

Professeur invité 2023-2024

September 2023

Tomáš Glanc, born 1969 in Prague, is a professor at Zurich University, Switzerland. Topics of his research include modern slavic literature, Easter European and especially Russian culture, samizdat and unofficial media, performance in Eastern Europe, Russian and Czech modernism, Slavic ideology, and contemporary Russian art and literature.

He has written or prepared for publication several books and a large number of articles and journalistic contributions on this topic, and has also worked on a number of radio and television programmes, podcasts, etc. He has organized numerous conferences and exhibitions, including Poetry & Performance: The Eastern European Perspective (with Sabine Hänsgen, different versions in 8 European countries). He curated exhibitions of several contemporary Russian artists for the Centre for Contemporary Art in Ostrava, and collaborated on two large-scale exhibitions at the DOX art centre in Prague.

He has also been a visiting professor at Humboldt University, Berlin; visiting professor at Basel University; senior fellow at Bremen University; director of the Czech Cultural Center in Moscow; and director of the Institute of Slavic and East European Studies, Charles University, Prague.

Conference-Lecture "The East-European Avant-Garde and War"
Workshop "Legacies of Anarchism: Interdisciplinary Visions"