Evgeny Pavlov

Professeur invité 2023-2024

November 2023

Evgeny Pavlov is Associate Professor of Russian and History at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand where he also serves as Head of Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies He holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature from Princeton University. He is the author of Shok pamiati: avtobiograficheskaia poetika Val’tera Ben’amina i Osipa Mandel’shtama (The Shock of Memory: Autobiographical Poetics of Walter Benjamin and Osip Mandelstam, Moscow: NLO, 2005) and editor of a number of volumes on Russian and comparative literature. Evgeny Pavlov’s principal area of research is Russian and European cultural and literary history of the 20th and 21st centuries.

He is co-editor of the New Zealand Slavonic Journal and vice-president of the Australia and New Zealand Slavists’ Association.

Lecture "Time Forward and Backward: Time Machines on a Collision Course in the 1930s USSR"

Lecture "Time and Space in Andrei Platonov's “Socialist Realist” texts"