Anette Bringedal Houge

Professeure invitée 2023-2024

juin 2024

Anette Bringedal Houge is a postdoctoral researcher at the research consortium #EvidentlyRape, funded by UiO LifeScience, working from the Institute of Health and Society at the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Oslo (UiO). She holds a PhD in Criminology, also from UiO (2017), with a thesis that focuses thematically on conflict-related sexual violence, empirically on institutional responses to violent harms, and theoretically on the legal, social, and political knowledge construction and narratives about complex problems that international criminal justice (ICJ) and its surrounding epistemic community produce and contribute to. Specifically, she addresses the juridification of social and political knowledge and perceived political maneuverability in response to conflict-related sexual violence, ie., the penetration of judicial ways of thinking in politics and society. Prior to her current position, she was the Head of Analyses at the Norwegian Red Cross. Overall, her research focuses on institutional responses to violent harms, with emphasis on the privileged role of criminal justice responses, and the juridification of societal and political understandings that this entails. Houge’s work is published in journals such as Aggression and Violent Behavior, Qualitative Research, Law and Society Review, International Criminal Justice Review, Criminology and Criminal Justice, and British Journal of Criminology.