Kate Fisher

Professeure invitée 2017-2018

Mars 2018

Kate Fisher is Professor of Social and Cultural History at the University of Exeter. Her books include, Birth control sex and Marriage in Britain, c1918-1960; (with Simon Szreter) Sex before the Sexual Revolution, and (with Rebecca Langlands) Sex, Knowledge and Receptions of the Past. She has established, with her co-authors (Langlands, Funke and Grove), the Sexual Knowledge Unit at the University of Exeter, and she is currently directing, with Jana Funke, a 5-year Wellcome-Trust funded project: Rethinking Sexology. Her public engagement work includes the Sex and History Project, which seeks to use historical objects to improve sexuality education in a variety of settings.

Colloque « Sexologie et idéologie à l’âge de l’institutionnalisation (1960-2000) »