Journée d'étude organisée notamment par un membre de l'équipe LIEU, Martin Rosenfeld

Journée d'étude organisée notamment par Martin Rosenfeld, chargé de recherche auprès du FNRS et membre du Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire d’Études Urbaines (LIEU) de la Maison de Sciences Humaines.

Lundi 12 décembre de 9h30 à 18h Campus du Solbosch Bâtiment H - Local H3366

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"Suitcases and Containers: Considering Trade, Migration and Urban Change" This one-day workshop will examine the nexus of trade networks, migration circuits, and urban change, focusing on small-scale transnational entrepreneurs dealing in textiles and consumer goods as well as the marketplaces they frequent.

Literature on ‘globalization from below’ has drawn attention not just to growth in South-South trade but also to the role played by millions of traders exporting consumer goods in suitcases and containers from production places like China and Turkey and re-export centres such as Dubai to markets across the world. The workshop will delve into the intertwining of migration circuits with trade networks, examining the organization of flows of goods and capital and the way this impacts people’s choices and chances to move and travel transnationally. With an especial focus on African markets, we will compare trading networks dealing with new clothing produced in China to those dealing with secondhand clothes from Western Europe. Speakers will focus on the emergence of trade nodes and networks over time, dynamics of consolidation and competition, and patterns of inclusion and exclusion.

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