Public lecture "The Philippines and seafaring labour export: State, non-state, and international actors in the assembly and employability of Filipino seafarers"

Le 25/10/2022

presented by Dr. Roderick Galam, Senior Lecturer in Sociology/Oxford Brookes University (UK)

Over the past five decades, the Philippines has developed a sophisticated labour-export infrastructure that many other labour-supply countries have taken as a model. The scholarship on and conceptualization of the labour-sending state has predominantly, if not exclusively, been based on the export of land-based migrant workers such as nurses, carers, and domestic helpers. Departing from this bias, this presentation examines the Philippines as a sending state from the perspective of seafaring labour export. Drawing on interviews, it analyses how the outsourcing of seafaring labour and global regulation of standards of seafarer education, training, and certification have broadened and deepened the involvement of international actors in Filipino seafaring labour. It situates these developments in two phases of seafaring labour migration, thereby clarifying the role of these international actors and their relationship with state and non-state actors. These international actors have influenced Philippine policy on seafaring labour and employment; are vitally involved in assembling Filipino seafaring labour through their investment in maritime education and training; and are determining Filipino seafarers’ employability through their inspection of Philippine compliance to the STCW Convention. Compliance to this international convention mobilised the state to reshape the functioning of its agencies to revitalise its capacity as a sending state.

Tuesday 25th October from 2pm to 3.15pm

Salle de réception
Building DE1 - 3rd floor - R.3.105
Avenue Antoine Depage 1
1050 Brussels

The lecture will be presented in English

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