EASt Seminar "Người Việt ma: Negotiating identities when the field is home"

Le 28/10/2020

with Van Minh Nguyen (LAMC/EASt) and Anne Xuan Nguyen (REPI/EASt)

Mixed researchers face—more than others yet not exclusively—the ethical dilemma of participatory belonging and professional distanciation. The cultural and gender expectations of one's respondents, made even more relevant by perceived common roots, often cause disruptions between ethnographic and personal experience. Drawing on their fieldworks in Ho-Chi-Minh city, Van Minh Nguyen and Anne Xuan Nguyen will discuss the different encounters they had with positionality issues. Working on different disciplines (Anthropology and Political science) and with different interviewees, they will present the “toolbox” they gathered while trying to mitigate the effects of cultural biases.

The seminar will be held as an online event.
Contact: virginie.arantes@ulb.be to register

Wednesday 28 October 2020, 12:30PM-1:45PM

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