Lucas Monteil

FNRS - PDR Postdoctoral Fellow

My research focuses on the configurations of sexuality, conjugality and gender relations. They look into the contemporary Chinese context, the production of subjectivities and socialization, class relations and dynamics, transnational movements and migrations, collective mobilizations and the constitution of knowledge.

In my doctoral thesis, entitled "The Space of Desires. Study of the Construction of Male Homosexualities in Contemporary China", I studied the heterogeneity of forms of culture, desire and erotic relationships between men in urban China, by integrating into the analysis previously neglected configurations, to which little visible men participate: in particular working class men and labor migrants, and/or elderly men.

My research is now continuing within the collective project “Belgian-Asian Couples”, for which I am working on a quantitative survey and its articulation with ethnographic data, in order to grasp the dynamics of contextual mobility, intimate and family life as well as affiliation experienced by the partners of these couples, also made invisible.

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