The Gender Studies English Speaking Group was initiated by PhD researchers at ULB with the aim to gather, share their research work and organize events conducted in English. The group is international, interdisciplinary and unites young scholars from various disciplines – political and social sciences, anthropology, communications and psychology – who conduct research in the areas of gender equality and/or sexuality. For further questions or requests to join the group, please contact Elena Avramovska or Sara Aguirre.

One of the new activities for this academic year 2016-2017 is a working group focused on writing. We meet twice a month (Thursdays at lunch time) to work on our texts (articles, abstracts, chapters, etc.). Everyone is welcome! If you would like to participate, just send an email to

Current Members of the Group

  • Sara Aquirre
  • Elena Avramovska
  • Narges Badsar
  • Anne-Sophie Crosetti
  • Valentine Duhant
  • Florencia Fernandez
  • Chiara Giordano
  • Eva Gradinger
  • Ahmed Hamila
  • Dag Houdmont
  • Liu Jinghong
  • Rosine Horincq
  • Patricia Melotte
  • Caroline Simon
  • Helke Smet
  • Laura Van den Eynde
  • Weili Wang