Project ‘Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Philosophy’

Project ‘Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Philosophy’

EASt project ‘CoPhi’ stand for the ‘Contemporary Japanese Philosophy’ aiming at a publication of an academic textbook that introduces the specifics of Contemporary Japanese Philosophy to undergraduate students.

The purpose of the project is to write a textbook introducing the specifics of contemporary Japanese Philosophy. The project will focus on representative schools, including the Kyoto School, the Tokyo School, and premodern thinkers from various intellectual traditions (e.g. Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.). The central focus of the project will be the critical assessment of Japanese schools of Philosophy. The work will also include the art of assessment and the use of language.

Overall the ‘CoPhi’ textbook will contribute to the development of the Japanese language education and Japanese culture teaching at the ULB with the support of the Japan Foundation.

The aim of the EASt ‘Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Philosophy’ project is to help the University Libre de Bruxelles to grow its research expertise and teaching on Japan.

Moreover, EASt is looking to produce a reference textbook in the long term.

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