EASt has set up an interdisciplinary teaching Chair in “East Asian Studies” to cultivate teaching excellence, foster peer collaboration, and develop resources to enhance teaching and learning experience at the ULB in the area of East Asian Studies.

Starting from September 2017, 2 to 3 recognised professors will be invited every year to teach at the ULB and to provide MA and doctoral students in Political science, Anthropology, Letters and Philosophy with a critical assessment of modern and contemporary East Asian societies.

Teaching Chairs for 2017-2018:


Tatsuya ITO, né en 1968 à Aichi Japon, a étudié la littérature et la linguistique françaises à l’Université de Keio (Tokyo) et dans les Universités de Paris VII et PARIS  X, a soutenu sa thèse sur la polysémie lexicale à Paris X (Nanterre) en 2003 dans le cadre de la théorie des opérations prédicatives et énonciatives. Comme professeur à l’Université des langues étrangères de Nagoya, il enseigne la grammaire française  et la linguistique et anime un séminaire sur la diversité culturelle et linguistique en Europe et dans le monde. En tant qu’attaché à l’Institut français et associé à l’Alliance française au Japon, il a organisé plusieurs rencontres littéraires et culturelles entre la France et le Japon.
Tatsuya ITO sera à l’ULB de février à avril 2018.


IUAV University of Venice, Italy – Course on « Performing Arts in East Asia » (Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication, ULB)

Monique Arnaud has been studying Noh with Udaka Michishige since 1984. She received the Kongō-ryū shihan (certified instructor) license in 1991. She has taken the shite role in several full Noh plays: in 2010 she performed Makiginu, while in 2013 she took the tsure role in Kiyotsune. In 1998 she has opened the Italian Branch of the INI in Milan, teaching Noh chant and dance following the Kongō School tradition. Monique is associate professor at IUAV University of Venice, where she directs student productions under the influence of Noh principles since 2008. She also continues her work as opera director in Italy, Japan and Spain. Monique is the only licensed Noh instructor resident in Europe, and teaches Noh chant and dance in Milan.
Monique Arnaud will be at the ULB in February 2018. More information to come soon.