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Seminar « Ki (氣) as a Phenomenology of Feeling »


EASt-ULB PhD Seminar 2018 Vol. 1

by Yukiko Kuwayama, University of Hildesheim

The speaker will introduce a part of the main thesis in her doctoral project. The focus of her dissertation is to point out a possible connection between current debates in the philosophy of feelings (or what is called “Philosophie der Gefühle” in Germany) and the concept of Ki (Qi), a Sino-Japanese term for breath, sense, feeling, atmosphere, mood, smell, intention, etc. The concept of Ki has a broad and exible range of meanings, including its transformative character between materiality and immateriality. It can provide a new insight into the current discussions on the phenomneology of feeling.

Wednesday 14th March at 2-4pm

Room R17.4.004
ULB – Campus du Solbosch
CIERL – Bâtiment R17 – 4e niveau – Salle R17.4.004
Avenue F. Roosevelt 17
1050 Bruxelles

For more info, contact Takeshi Morisato : Takeshi.Morisato@ulb.ac.be