Conference « For a small-scale history of Construction industry »

by Manuela MartiniLaboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône-Alpes, Lyon 2

The joint VUB-ULB research group CHsB (Construction Histories Brussels), VUB-research team HOST (Historical Research into Urban Transformation Processes) and ULB-research team LIEU (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire en Etudes Urbaines) are delighted to welcome prof. dr. Manuela Martini for a lecture (English, with Q&A in English and French)

A discussion about : Manuela Martini, « Bâtiment en famille. Migrations et petite entreprise en banlieue parisienne au XXe siècle » (CNRS éditions)

Manuela Martini is professor in contemporary history at Université Lyon 2 and specialises in the following themes: labour migration in the Atlantic space (19th-20sth centuries); wages and use of time by women and men during the industrialisation; crises, gender and household economies in mediterranean Europe (18th-20th century). Her most recent publication investigates the interaction between migration, small scaled enterprises and construction in 20th century Paris.

Monday 6 march, 18.30 – 20.00

VUB Campus
Aula E.0.04

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