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Séance inaugurale « Aux frontières de l’humain » par Rosi Braidotti et Martin Daniel


« The Future of the posthumanities »

Lecture by Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University, NL)

« Martin Daniel vs A.I. Duet »

A 20 minutes performance of Martin Daniel (playing keyboards) and A.I. Duet (playing itself). 

It is said that machines are slowly turning into proto-humans destined to replace traditional  workforce in every field imaginable, including the most creative ones such as literature, music and arts. Where do we stand today on that regard? Interacting with A.I. duet, one of the latest creation in musical artificial intelligence, Martin Daniel tries to answer that question by blending human creativity into the world of the machines that will supposedly integrate live bands in the future.

Thursday 5 October, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Salle Delvaux
Campus du Solbosch
Bâtiment F1
Avenue Paul Héger 20
1050 Ixelles